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Cargo Shipping Solutions made easy. Customized to fit your business needs.

PSACC is ready to go beyond borders of local cargo logistics and make an inter-island impact!
Contact us for all your local Shipping and Cargo Logistics needs.

Port-To-Port Containerized cargo

Use your own delivery trucks or shipping service to deliver and pickup cargo direct to and from our port/container yard anytime it’s convenient for faster turnaround.

Door-To-Door Containerized cargo

End-to-end pickup and delivery to and from your desired location for a complete worry-free shipping experience. Deliveries and pickups are scheduled in advance to make sure you receive your package on an expected time.

Less Container Load Consolidation

If you want to ship smaller items, you can still get the best shipping rates by consolidating it with other shipments. Consolidated shipments are scheduled on a weekly basis so waiting times are manageable.


For large cargo that can’t fit our containers, we make sure they’re properly and professionally handled with the use of industry-standard steel racks. No matter how big or heavy your cargo is, we’ll find a way to accommodate.

“Moving Forward, Together”

PSACC will always be with you every step of the way to ensure a seamless logistics journey.

Wide Network Coverage

The Company provides inter-island cargo services throughout the major cities in the Philippines.

End to end services

We have a wide range of services from containerized cargo transactions for fast turnaround.

Security For Cargo

Whether Dry Cargo, Steel Cargo or Reefer Cargo, PSACC ensures the security of your goods
through containerization using our modern container fleet.

Fast Efficient Delivery

Expected schedule and reliable frequency to ensure fast movement of your goods anywhere in
the country.

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